Performance Team

Our teams work hard all year to achieve greatness! Here are some of our achievements over the years:


Senior Team

First Competition:

Contemporary Group: Platinum, First Place

Jazz Group: High Gold

Tap Group: High Gold

Alex Solo: High Gold

Angie Solo: High Gold

Ella Solo: High Gold 

Madie O. Solo: Platinum

Maddy S. Solo: Gold

Second Competition:

Contemporary Group: Platinum, First Place

Jazz Group: High Gold, Fourth Place

Tap Group: High Gold, Third Place

Angie Solo: Platinum, First Place

Madie O. Solo: High Gold, Second Place

Maddy S. Solo: High Gold, Third Place

Junior Team

First Competition:

Second Competition:

Mini Team

First Competition:

Second Competition:


First Competition:

Ryley Solo: Achievement Award, High Gold

Angie Solo: First Place overall, High Gold

Madie O. Solo: Gold

Tap Trio: Gold

Modern group: Focus Award, First Place,  High Gold

Tap Group: Fabulous Feet Award, High Gold


Second Competition:

Mini Jazz Group: Best costume, Third Place, Gold

Hip hop Group: High silver

Modern Group: Gold, Top 10 (second)

Teen Tap Group: High silver 

Contemporary Group: Gold, Top 10 (seventh place)

Sr. Tap Group: 2nd place, Gold

Jr. Tap Group: Hair and Make Up Award, High Gold, Top 10 (eighth place)

Tap Trio: Gold, Top 10 (second place)

Ella & Kira Duet: Perfect Partnership Award, 1st Place, Gold

Jazzy solo: Gold, 6th place 

Savanna solo: High gold

Gabriela solo: High gold

Lilly solo: Gold

Ella solo: High gold, 3rd place

Maddy S. solo: High gold, 2nd place, top 10 (seventh place)

Elizabeth solo: Gold 

Ashley solo: Gold

Angie solo: High gold, second place, Top 10 (fourth place)

Ryley solo: Gold, Top 10 (tenth place)

Madie O solo: High gold, second place, Top 10 (fifth place)

Third Competition:

Modern Group: Platinum, 4th place 

Contemporary Group: High gold

Sr. Tap Group: High gold

Mini jazz Group: High gold, Specialty Award: biggest smile, Top 10 (fifth place)

Jr tap: Gold, Specialty Award: ultimate entertainment

Teen tap Group: Gold

Hip hop Group: Gold. choreography award: ultimate crowd pleaser

Jazz Group: High gold

Madie O solo: High gold, first in category, Top 10 (ninth place)

Ryley solo: High gold, Marvelous music award, Top 10 (tenth place)


Mini Tap Group: High Gold, High Silver

Mini Jazz: Gold

Sr. Tap Group: Platinum, High Gold, Fabulous Feet Award